If you would be a doctor don’t be a doctor with a lot of money be a doctor like Doctor(황성수)

2016-06-23 15:59
Well, I was already planning to come to Korea and go in like a program for losing weight. It was canceled for awhile when our aunt was able to find this healing school. I thought this is only for overweighted people but it wasn’t. I felt really lucky about this because my dream is a doctor and I was able to learn a lot. I even had an imagination what if I would also make this kind of program in the Philippines. And after about 3~4 days my body change little by little My first effect was about my hair it used to fall a lot but now it falls about 5 strands only. I was really surprised. Next was about my dandruff it was surprisingly all gone. My face became really smooth a lot changed in my body I lose about 5 kilos within 2weeks, 200~400 grams each day. And my gums was really that I can’t eat meat. Honestly I feel bad until now but I think I will understand when I would get old. After all this lessons my mind changed. It might be a great memory. I am still worried about my dad, sister and brother, especially our dad. He loves all the habits that are not good for his health. I got a great lesson when I heard we can’t lose weight by exercise. I also learned a lot about high blood pressure and can take care of my parents, family, relatives, friends and my patient. Well also about diabetes. Honestly I still don’t feel good about this much but I am sure this will help me a lot when I would ha this illness. We had our blood test before we come and the results was really bad my cholesterol was 218 but the normal was about 130, which is really bad. My weight was 66.2 but now I am 60.8 So in total I lose about 5.4 kilos. And this was the biggest surprise for me. and So yeah I felt thankful about all of these. and if possible I just wish that Doctor (황성수) will help me a bit if my wish would come true. (Plus I was really scared when I was called) I said to myself that I won’t come back anymore but now I’d like to come again when I would grow old. and learn everything again. I forgot about my psoriasis it went better. if my quality of it is about 100 worst. it is now about 60~70 so about 30~40 was gone or can say healed if this program is also okay for foreigners or even english that my friends can understand I would like to invite my friend and their parents. I also wish that this program is available in this whole world. and everone will care about their health. and all those fake things will be proved wrong. Then who is a vegan who always told us to stop eating meat but we always got mad at her without knowing anything which I fell bad cause she was just really worried about our health I will tell it to everyone that we should be a vegan for animals but also our health. So I feel so lucky to be here.~~~ Thank you so much for your braveness ^^ ~~~

PS : my mom said that “If you would be a doctor don’t be a doctor with a lot of money be a doctor like Doctor(황성수). ^*^

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