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2015-12-24 17:01
I came to this class with chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and uric acid disease. I have stopped taking medication for chronic kidney disease and cholesterol. I am still taking medication for high blood pressure and uric acid although my last report indicates I had reduced my uric acid reading in half to 6.6. My sugar level was reduced to 105 without pills and without insulin. My cholesterol was reduced to 108 without any pills. The only pills I am still taking is for high blood pressure and my uric acid pills but I hope on my next report to stop these pills well.

I think the class was a tremendous help to me. It helped me to stop taking a lot of medications and hopefully by tomorrow’s report I will have lost 30 pounds(approx. 14kg) in weight. This class has helped me to understand that the best way to lose weight is through diet and not by exercise.

This class has been very informative and encouraged me to continue to strive to meet my goals and eventually get my blood pressure also under control. Highly recommend this class and give thanks to Dr Hwang for teaching this class.

However, am glad my streets in Texas are flat!

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